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Teach your toddler to dance in Kingston

Does your Toddler love dancing?

Great news – now your toddler can also join the Lyric Dance school. The new Tippie Toes classes at our Kingston branch introduce children from 2 year olds to music and natural movement. These baby dance classes are full of fun, active movements and of course dance with a real focus on learning through ­­­play. There is always something new and exciting to look forward to.

Parents / carers are encouraged to participate in this class too and dance together with their toddler, stimulating them to participate in full, and follow the teacher.

Our friendly, caring teachers are professionals and deliver classes in a safe group environment.

Your free trial baby dance class can be booked online here:

Your child can either wear soft comfortable shoes or bare feet and comfortable clothes during the trial class.

Where are the classes held ?

Classes will be held in the Kingfisher Leisure Centre, which is easily accessible by foot from the town centre and it has a fantastic facility, with the nice waiting area and professional dance studio.

Join us today and watch your child develop!

Please note:

  • Only one parent or carer will be allowed into the studio to ensure the room is not overcrowded for the children.
  • Children who are not enrolled in the class will not be allowed into the studio
  • If you have a buggy or pram with you, please lock it outside of the studio with a bicycle lock, as we cannot store them inside the dance studio due to health and safety requirements. Lyric Dance School is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • An additional 10% Discount available for siblings ( ie 10% discount off each child) !