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Dear Parents,

Like any professional school we like our children to learn in a fun environment, but do enforce a uniform policy so our little ballerinas look consistent, disciplined, and all feel comfortable with the correct equipment.


Although the various tutus that newcomers bring with them are rather lovely, its ok to wear them for the first trial class, but after that the correct uniform is mandatory.

We have partnered with one of the biggest dance uniform suppliers, to make sure our costumers can purchase the uniform at very competitive prices.

We select high quality dance uniforms that are not too expensive, therefore to avoid confusion please order the ballet outfit through our trusted partner website:

To order the uniform for first time please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to (this brings you to our schools order page on the suppliers site)
  2. Choose the dance CATEGORY from the top main menu bar, either: Ballet, Tap, Modern, Boys Uniform, or Exam & Performance.
  3. Click on the SUBCATEGORY to open a page with relevant uniform items – i.e. select the level your child is doing.
  4. Select a product you wish to purchase (choose the size and put into your cart). Note that the product description and sizes guide can be found above the product picture by clicking on ‘PRODUCT DESCRIPTION’ or ‘SIZING’ tabs

Please note! All shoe sizes on the supplier website are US sizes! A conversion for UK school shoes size to US shoe size is shown in the table below. Please note: For children you may wish to allow half a size for growing room.

UK school shoes size US ballet shoes size
UK 7US C8.5
UK 8US C9.5
UK 8.5US C10
UK 9US C10.5
UK 9.5US C11
UK 10US C11.5
UK 10.5US C12
UK 11US C12.5
UK 11.5US C13
UK 12US C13.5
UK 13US 1.5
UK 1US 2.5
UK 2US 4
UK 3US 5
UK 4US 6

The uniform listed on this pages is required in full for participation in class, examinations and presentations:

  1. 1st Position Laura Leotard (new ones will have the Lyric Dance School logo) – This item is Compulsory.
  2. A child pull on Georgette Skirt for following classes “Twinkle Tots” to “Primary Grade” classes or 1st Position Wrapover Voile Skirt for  “Grade 1 & 2”- This item is Compulsory.
  3. Silky Ballet Full Foot Tights AD103 Pink – This item is Compulsory.
  4. Our preferred Ballet shoes are Capezio Daisy pink ballet shoes, but we will accept other quality makes of pink leather dance shoes
  5. Our preferred Shoes for tap classes are Capezio Junior Tyette Tap shoes
  6. Boys must wear Long black shorts; White dance t-shirt; Black leather full soled ballet shoes; white ballet socks

For IDTA exams and performances only:

  1. Capezio Daisy Satin Ballet Shoe only.
  2. 1st Position Ballet & Dance Socks only.
  3. Pink hair net bun.

All uniform available at

If you need help with ordering the uniform please contact this number: 01626 36 32 32







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